Solar Installation and Maintenance

We supply, install and maintain solar power systems. 

There are a variety of rebates available for solar panels for your home. The federal government designed a calculation method for rebates to take account of varying system capacities. As energy costs continue to increase, you will enjoy a greater savings and shorter payback on your investment.

Your property value may also increase as more people look for energy and water efficient homes with solar products making them more independent.

We use the highest quality components cutting-edge technology and advanced monitoring software to create tailored solar energy solutions for every solar customer, from homeowners and small businesses. 

And unlike our competitors, we run real-time tests on all our products before installation.


Picking the right inverter is the first decision to be made when purchasing a solar system. This is the engine of the system and it is crucial you get it right first time round.


Panels are important as they can help improve your system’s performance and provide a fast return on investment. Panel performance warranties are 25 years long so it is important to select a panel brand company that is financially stable and is going to be around to honour your warranties.


Would you like to save money on your power bills?